The very first Mac I saw was a lonely Macintosh Classic in my high school computer lab. There were about 30 or so PCs running Windows 3.1.1 connected up using Novell NetWare over “ThinNet”. The Classic was stuck in a corner, not connected to anything except a printer, and ignored by the IT teacher who sneeringly referred to it as being “just a toy”. When I sat down in front of it and began to use it, it was as though a lightning bolt hit me. I started mousing through the menus, windows, and icons, and had this feeling that this was a machine that was designed by people, for people. It was approachable, it was friendly - heck, it even had a smile when you switched it on! This would’ve been in the mid-90s, when everyone was sure Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy. They weren’t far from the truth then, but oh boy have things changed since…

Happy Birthday, Mac!

Macintosh 128K Computer

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