Finding the right Sideboard.

In our living room we have a sideboard which stores a random assortment of charging cables (mostly USB variants), a bunch of video games, etc. On top lives a Sonos speaker, a family portrait, a smart light, and some decorative hourglasses. I’m generally a big fan of minimalism, but has become apparent we needed something a bit bigger!

We looked at a lot of options, including having something custom made, but finally decided on an IKEA Ersnäs. I’d looked at the IKEA options a couple of times, but none suited, this only became available quite recently I believe.

I was not a fan of the wooden handles, so I replaced them with some brushed metal ones, which I think improved things.

Now to get all the power cables sorted, drill some holes, and install a couple of mounts on the side for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U!…

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Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme