Waiting for a Redesigned iMac 27-inch…

I’m really hanging out for a redesigned iMac 27-inch, which I know must be coming in the next few months. This will be the first full redesign of the larger model in nearly a decade, assuming you don’t include the iMac Pro.

I’d say it’s a given that it will be sporting an M1 Pro chip inside, with the option of upgrading to an M1 Max. It will have only flash storage internally, and have no upgradability after leaving the factory. It will presumably have 6, or even 8 Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, but I’d be surprised if it had any USB-A ports or even an HDMI port.

I’m guessing the screen quality will be the best of any iMac ever, with no Face ID and no notch.

I’m also guessing that it will use the same design of external power brick as the iMac 24-inch, potentially even the exact same type, as there is a lot of headroom with the wattage of the current ones.

In terms of surprises, I’d like to imagine there will be something about the new-new-new iMac that will give it the ol’ “wow factor”…

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