My thoughts on the AirPods Max.

I recently had a chance to try first-hand the AirPods Max for an extended time, and I found them pretty impressive. Whilst they are undoubtedly not cheap, the build quality is incredible, and the experience of using them is a joy. They handle switching between multiple sources/devices seamlessly, a giant improvement over any other I’ve tried. Head tracking means you have the illusion of the audio coming from actual speakers in the room - when I first watched a YouTube video, I had to lift the AirPods Max from my ears to see if it wasn’t the speakers from the machine. They are comfortable even over an hour or two, and the battery life is impressive.

One last thing; the design of the “stalk” where the head band meets the cups reminds me of the iMac G4 arm!

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Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme