Upgrading one of my Store Workstations...

After spotting a bit of a bargain on eBay just this last week, I bought a used Mac Pro (2013). I’d always low-key wanted one since release - it’s an oddity in the Macintosh family tree in some ways. Almost a second G4 Cube… Power in a very small chassis, but limited by certain design choices.

I got it to replace one of the Mac mini 2012 models I use at my store alongside another 2012, a 2014, and a 2018 all running as workstations for repairs, data recovery, etc.

The 2012 models are now getting a bit long in the tooth and cannot run the last few versions of macOS, but I’ll be hanging on them as legacy machines for running older software.

The other I will most likely replace with my Mac mini (M1, 2020) from home, when that in turn gets replaced with a newer Mac mini sometime before the end of the year, hopefully.

The only other brief times I have used one of the Mac Pro (2013) models is at an Apple Store, so it’s been good to have a bit more of a hands-on. It’s larger and heavier than I remember, and the outer casing has an interesting sheen that I imagine would be a nightmare to photograph professionally! It feels somewhat halfway between black, gray and silver. My one was quite dusty inside, so I gave it good clean out. Now to get a stronger transparent acrylic riser than can safely lift it :)

Having 6 Thunderbolt ports will come in handy with plugging in drives and machines in Target Disk Mode!

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