PicoBoot Follow Up / Apple Music Widgets

My PicoBoot install was a success! Here is the original video I watched, and then followed along with in terms of the installation procedure:


Success in soldering is in my opinion as much about practise as it is the quality of the tools and materials used. Flux and a quality iron definitely makes a difference! I went with the same colour-coding for the wiring as per the above video to minimise the potential of confusion, one slight hitch was having lengths of wire slightly shorter than required meant I had to alter the positioning of the Pi inside the GameCube. Once everything was hooked up correctly, I tested powering the GameCube back on - first step was ensuring it still started! All was well, so I popped in the SD card with Swiss, and indeed, it fired up into an unfamiliar (to me that is) interface. Now to try out some Homebrew, etc.

Also, I have just gone through all of my previous posts, and added those nice Apple Music iframe preview widgets for all the “Currently listening” songs…

Currently listening: Cannons - “Hurricane”

Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme