2022 - another year almost done!

Well, we’re now coming up on the first anniversary of this blog, and I’m happy I have managed to stick to my “average of one post a week” aim, notwithstanding the occasional “nothing to post” week :)

It’s been fun just posting about stuff I have been up to and playing with, there are plenty more projects and things to explore for me over the next little while - including:

  • Weather Balloon Radiosonde Tracking/Recovery
  • Install USB-C charge port in ThinkPad T520
  • Connect to BBSs using WiFi modem
  • Install PCI serial card in Cobalt Qube
  • Play Quake 1 RTX version
  • Update Floppy Emu firmware and check out new features
  • Install different macOS versions (10.8-10.15) on Mac mini (Late 2012)
  • Install DOS or Windows XP on HP T5730 Thin Client

Hope everyone out there in Internet-land has a great break and see you in 2023!

Currently listening: Odetta - “Hit or Miss”

Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme