Project: E Ink Display

I have started gathering the parts needed to make a front door sign for my store out of a Raspberry Pi Zero, an 7.3-inch E Ink Display that can show 7 different colours, and an IKEA Ribba 13cm x 18cm frame. Apologies for mixing Imperial and Metric there ;)

Here’s the E Ink display:…

The idea is I will have this showing the opening hours, or back in 5 minutes, or closures for public holidays. At this point, those little signs are the last thing I use our printer for. It’ll be powered with a PoE adapter which plugs into the micro USB connector on the RPi Zero, which also gives it network connectivity.

Hopefully the electronics will all fit inside the frame, I may have to 3D print some sort of backing to it with ventilation.

I will put up an update when I make some more progress! :)

Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme