Using SCSI emulator devices to image SCSI Drives...

Watched yesterday this recent video “Dumping the contents of SCSI devices using BlueSCSI V2 (Initiator Mode)” that was posted on “Adrian’s Digital Basement” second channel. Essentially some SCSI emulator devices can be used in a mode where they act as the host and allow you to image SCSI devices, copying the entire contents of, for example, an old hard drive on to the micro SD card. Very cool feature I was not previously aware of!

I have a Blue SCSI, but it is an older hardware revision that doesn’t support this special mode, but I also have RP2040-based ZuluSCSI, which does support “Initiator Mode”.

I made sure to initialise the micro SD card in ExFAT format, as FAT32 only supports single files ≤ 4GB (well, 4GB less one byte), and I’ve flashed the latest firmware as well.

I will be helping someone out with a bunch of 80s-era Macs at my Store soon, should make imaging multiple ancient SCSI hard drives much easier!

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Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme