Review: Framework Laptop.

Upgradeable! Modular! iFixit 10 out of 10 repairability score! I’ve been wanting a Framework laptop for a while :)

Orders finally opened up in Australia early September, and mine arrived earlier this week.

It’s very nicely put together, in terms of design and construction. The keyboard is great, and the trackpad is the best on a PC laptop I’ve used. The power button doubles as a nice reliable fingerprint reader (pictured). The units metal chassis feels robust and sturdy, a far cry from your typical cheap-feeling plastic laptops…

One thing I wasn’t aware of until after I received it was that the four recessed ports where you slide in the various extension modules are actually USB 4 (Possibly even Thunderbolt 4, just waiting on Intel certification) and means there would in theory be enough bandwidth to run a GPU externally in a chassis. Perhaps this could even be a desktop replacement :)

Next up, I’m looking forward to swapping over to the top-case with a transparent keyboard. Maybe an orange bezel too…

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Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme