Faulty iMac + Aussie ingenuity = Juicy Crumb.

In what has got to be the coolest project I’ve seen in a while, this Kickstarter campaign is to create a replacement kit to convert an iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011) into a stand alone display with USB-C connectivity, or even allow the internals of a Mac mini (M1, 2020) to be installed inside. The existing main logic-board is removed from the iMac and a custom PCB and some 3D printed airflow guides replace it.

The reason this iMac model was chosen is it has developed notoriety over the years for a massive GPU failure rate, which results in either odd bright pink stripes, the entire display turning off, or an inability to finish the boot process.

It was always disappointing explaining to people experiencing this failure that whilst, yes this iMac can operate as a stand-alone display, that that still requires the internal GPU to be functional.

Now what this (Australian) team are developing will allow for an otherwise useless gorgeous display to live again - Major kudos! :)

I’m a backer, now to source a faulty one of these machines for surgery when the board finally arrives…


Mmmmmm, prototype-y goodness!

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