Continuing the move to Plexamp...

The main reason for my moving across to Plex/Plexamp for my music playback is the issues and changes in iTunes/Music.

Apple Music versions of songs replacing previously ripped/matched songs. Songs ripped losslessly swapped out to “HLS Media” files which won’t play elsewhere. Songs I’ve had for years suddenly unavailable in the catalogue.

This aren’t even the weird glitches I’ve experienced with the interface. Clicking into the search field, entering an artist name (for example “The Smiths”), pressing enter, and the previous search results being displayed, even though the top left says “Showing results for “The Smiths”“. Clicking into “Recently Added” on the left under Library, and it showing the CD I’m currently ripping. There are plenty more examples…

So, I have been continuing the move over, and I am happy so far. The iPhone/iPadOS version of Plexamp doesn’t seem to have a simple option to download all of the tracks, but if I have enough loaded, I’m happy to stream the rest, albeit not losslessly perhaps!

Currently listening: The KLF - “Chill Out”

Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme