VersaTerm First Boot...

Received my order from Mouser Electronics this week which included the bulk of the rest of the components I was waiting on for the VersaTerm, the final thing still on the way is an HDMI connector. Given the VersaTerm has a VGA out as well, I decided to finish the assembly process anyway…

The trickiest bits were soldering on the surface mount diodes and running some wires to a couple of pads on the RPi Pico. Last bit was copying across the software, which involves holding the “BOOTSEL” button down whilst connecting the RPi Pico to a machine via a Mini USB to USB cable, dragging across a UF2 file, the RPi then disconnects and reboots.

After that, I fired it up and it is indeed working, F12 brings up a settings menu with a plethora of options… Now to try it out with some serial devices!

In other news, here’s a fun website toy my kids have been playing with recently: Orb.Farm

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Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme