Another Projects Update.

The HDMI connector for the VersaTerm arrived, I soldered that on and all is well. Last step is 3D printing the case, I have chosen an era-appropriate drab grey :)

With the E Ink Display, I have assembled and tested it using the demo program Waveshare provided, it is working fine… Where I am stuck is finding something that will let me update the image more easily, as I have yet to come across a simple program that will work with this panel. Ideally I want to be able to press a button on the Stream Deck and have the Raspberry Pi update the graphic shown. Easy enough to have a button that issues a “GET” for a local website in the background, that part is covered. I tried this project, but it didn’t seem to be compatible with my panel. More research is needed!

Another project that I have been working on is resurrecting a colour video card for the Macintosh SE/30. It is a Lapis ColorServer PDS/30-17, and when I first connected to either of a couple of SE/30s, nothing would be output on the display connected to the card, the internal screen would remain grey, and there was no HD activity… So essentially just stuck.

The first thing I tried was burning a replacement ROM, after fitting that the card has the below output. Not perfect, but definitely on the right track… I assume now that one (or more!) of the video RAM modules is faulty, I have some replacements on order. When those arrive I will swap and test ‘em out, hopefully that will take care of this and I will have a functioning card - then that’ll be part of a bigger project I am working on :)

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