Finished assembling the Telephone.

The transparent telephone is all done, fairly easy kit to put together barring some steps - for example, I had to use a small file to scratch some surfaces to allow me to tin solder on, I guess after a couple of decades there was a layer of corrosion… Also, fitting the case over everything took a bit of care and adjustment.

Two observations after testing it with my Telephone Line Simulator; the ringtone produced by the piezo speaker is shrill and piercing (thank goodness there’s a “ringer” switch to turn it off!), and secondly; when it rings it also flashes these four cute neon tubes on the back! It’s funny how far LEDs have come, these days there would be little reason to use anything else…

Happy to have a transparent telephone in my collection, and certainly the “IKEA effect” applies to it!

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Jonathan Wrigley @workswellforme