Setting up Home Assistant at my Store.

To control a bunch of smart home actions I use and like the Flic buttons at my place, but I didn’t want to buy another of those hubs and a few more buttons for the Store. A cheaper solution, mostly using items I had already, was a Raspberry Pi and a Phoscon ConBee II USB stick. I had used those for my Zigbee devices before I upgraded at home to a Home Assistant Yellow.

I bought a couple of the IKEA Somrig shortcut buttons. They’re only $12 AUD, and they work well with Home Assistant, once you discover that turning on the “Advanced mode” option under your profile will then expose the buttons to the HomeKit integration!

I swear I’m usually a follower of the ol’ K.I.S.S. principle, and I know having a whole other platform just to run a couple of buttons sounds like overkill (mostly because it is…), but I already have some other Zigbee devices I’m planning on putting in now that I have this up and running. Keeps me busy and out of trouble :)

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